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Counter Strike Source Download Free PC Game – The Counter Strike series of games first started with the first Counter Strike game released as a stand-alone for Windows in 1999 – though the idea for Counter Strike began much earlier when it was developed as a modification for Half-Life. The second game in the series called Counter Strike: Condition Zero was released in 2004, and Counter Strike Source was released later that same year to test the newly designed Source game engine. Counter Strike Global Offensive was released in 2012. To date the game has been hugely popular with gamers all over the world and more than 25 million copies of the game have been sold and downloaded to date.

The central theme of Counter Strike is playing on the side of terrorists or counter terrorists and taking part in well-organised missions that put you right in the action and the middle of combat to defuse bombs and guard hostages. And the best thing about it is the fact that you get to play Counter Strike Source online with real players so you can test your skills and train your team to follow the best strategies in real time.

Counter strike source online is a full standalone download file available to download. You can also download Counter Strike 1.6 Free PC Game. Download counter strike source free with direct download link.

Counter Strike Source Download Free PC Game Ratings

Counter Strike: Source is one of the most popular games in the Counter Strike series and has remained popular among gamers since its release: It ranks 88 out of 100 on Metacritic and 10 out of 10 on Steam. It is guessed that Counter Strike Source still has thousands of active users that are playing the game. Would you love to get into the action of Counter Strike Source with many active players all over the world and be put right into the middle of hostage rescues, bomb defusals and combat? Counter Strike Source Download Free PC Game is most played online game. The PC game Counter Strike Source is very unique shooting game. it was released in 2004. Published and developed by Valve corporation.


Counter Strike Source Download Free PC Game

Counter Strike Source Free Download

You should download Counter Strike Source free so you can play Counter Strike Source online. We offer you some of the best Counter Strike Source free downloads so that you can free download Counter Strike Source. Visit your website if you want to find the best Counter Strike Source download free.

Counter Strike Source Cheat Codes for Administrators

Do you remember the kind of advantage that cheat codes could give you if you were struggling with a level that you would never be able to finish or beat otherwise? You should know that Counter Strike Source Free Download has cheat codes and tips that can help you to find the loopholes in the hard maps and levels. All you have to do is press the ` key to bring up the cheat menu and type any of the following cheat codes and then press Enter.

These codes are not to be used to cheat during online play but is meant only for administrators to test their levels and settings.

First you should activate the cheat codes by typing ‘Enter sv_cheats 1’ and then type in any of the following cheat codes.

  • impulse 101 will give you extra cash for your Counter Strike Free Download
  • settings will allow you to go change your skin
  • noclip lets you run and fly around the map without taking damage
  • mat_wireframe 3 lets you see through walls
  • sv_gravity # lets you mess with gravity, just change # to your chosen number

Counter Strike Source Download Free PC Game Link

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